Fed up of clunky WYSIWYG email editors?

Maildown keeps things simple by using markdown to send beautiful transactional emails programmatically via our simple REST API


Maildown's simple API requires just 4 parameters and takes just moments to set up - so you can spend more time authoring your content.

Markdown syntax

Maildown supports markdown syntax and provides a range of clean email styles, making it easy to produce beautiful email content quickly

Simple contact management

If one of your contacts unsubscribes, Maildown will prevent you from sending further messages to them

Made for Makers with deadlines

Have you ever found yourself fighting with HTML email styling and thought "where did those 2 hours go?

Maildown is built for developers who want to get things done quickly - it does away with all of the extra bloat that you dont't need, and lets you start sending messages in minutes. Its a quick and simple way to create and send well formatted emails, programmatically, with the minimum of fuss.

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Super simple API

The Maildown API is intended to be as minimalistic as possible, while being scalable and powerful at the same time

Test it out for yourself

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